Built a Training Sandbag

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Happy 1/11/11!

About two years ago, I really got into
CrossFit, the core strength and conditioning fitness program.  Last year, I bought a ton of equipment for our garage gym.  For the most part, we can do the workouts from CrossFit.com with what we have, but back in November, a hero workout called “Collin”(named after one of America’s fallen soldiers) showed up on the site, which exposed the fact that we did not have a 50 lb. sandbag at our disposal.  We have a few do-it-yourself projects in our gym (paralettes, wall ball target, and weightlifting platform), but no sandbag... until today.

List of items:
  • -Sand (50 lbs from Lowe’s)
  • -Military grade duffel bag (from California Surplus on Haight St.)
  • -Contractor garbage bags (from Lowe’s)
  • -Duct tape
  • -Scale (for weighing the bag)
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I tripled up the contractor bags, then poured the sand into it.  I weighed it, twisted the top of the bag and duct taped the twist and then the top.  I left a bit of air in the bag so the sand could shift around a little.

This is one of the simplest DIY fitness implement projects and it’s relatively inexpensive.  It costs about $30 for everything. The finished product:
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Cool Stuff:
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