Done Clapping Pull-ups

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When J and I were thinking about getting equipment for our garage gym, one of the pieces we were really looking at was the Stud Bar, a gym-quality pull-up bar made from 14 gauge steel.  I really liked a video they made to show the uses of the bar. 

CrossFit Kipping Pull Ups from Stud Bar on Vimeo.

In this video, they do kipping pull-ups, clapping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, strict pull-ups, and L-sit pull-ups.  I can do the rest of the pull-ups, but I had never tried clapping pull-ups because I had just assumed that I couldn’t do them.

Tonight, I decided to try it.  I also included my own versions of the other pull-ups from the video as well.  Here are the results:

As you can see from the video, I did not buy the Stud Bar.  I ended up going with the P-4 Pull-up System from Rogue Fitness.  I felt that they were comparable, and I was already planning to place a big order with Rogue.

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