Made A Necktie Out Of Duct Tape

They say that duct tape fixes everything, but instead of fixing something tonight, I used duct tape to make something.  This was a fun project.  A few weeks ago, J and I went to Michaels to get a bunch of craft-oriented items, and when it came time for me to pick colors for a duct tape project, there were only two colors that came to mind: orange and black.

Well, Happy Orange Friday, everyone!  (Baseball season starts in 6 days.)

Okay, I started with my two colors of tape. 

I rolled out two pieces of black tap a little longer than one of my ties and attached them together to make one wide piece.

Then, I did the same thing with the orange tape.  The plan was to make a reversible black and orange tie.


I slapped them together.

I placed my tie on top of the tape and traced it.


I cut the tie out of the tape.
IMG_6377 IMG_6378

From here, I had a functional tie, but I wanted to make a pattern on it.  So, I started adding stripes.

I added even more stripes.

Then, I added more stripes to the other end of the tie.

I tied it up and put it on Mr. B.

This project showed me the usefulness of duct tape outside of its ability to fix everything.  It makes a wonderful fabric and is for the most part easy to use and fun!
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