Drunk A Gallon Of Milk In A Day

For years, powerlifters have used the method of drinking a gallon of milk a day (GOMAD) to gain weight.  Basically, a gallon of milk is 2400 calories and has a high amount of both protein and fat content.

I decided to try it for a day to see what it felt like.  I picked up a gallon of whole organic milk from the
Lucky on Masonic.

As soon as I got to work, I popped it open and poured a glass.

Then another.  And one more.


After this glass, I was very full.  So I put the jug in the fridge for later consumption.  About an hour and a half later, I thought I was ready for more.  I went and poured a few more glasses.


Each glass was more difficult than the previous one.  For this round, I had a few of
DLo’s truffles to help the milk go down.


By this point, my stomach was freaking out.  It was making all kinds of crazy noises.

I kept pouring every so often....


Eventually, I finished it.  While I was thrilled, my stomach was not.

I can’t imagine doing this for a whole month like some people do to gain weight.  I’m wondering how heavy I’ll be tomorrow.  I’d like to add that the stomach grumbling may not happen for some, but like most Asians, I am lactose intolerant.
While I was confident that I could complete this beforehand, I did have some doubts.  In the end I’m glad I had the intestinal fortitude (figuratively and literally) to handle it.

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