Grilled A Deep Dish Pizza

Today, Patxi’s had a special fundraiser.  10% of all their proceeds would go towards the JCCCNC for the Northern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.  So, we decided to buy a half baked deep dish pizza, fire up the barbeque grill and cook the pizza on it.

I started by lighting the coals in a chimney.

The coals lit up and got very hot very fast.

I poured them into the bottom of the grill.

When the pizza arrived, the coals were basically ready for it.  It was a bacon and mushroom pizza with jalapenos on half of it.

I spread the coals out to the side and placed the pizza on the grill.

I covered it and set a timer for 35 minutes.

After the timer went off, I pulled the pizza and brought it back into the house.


The grilling of the pizza gave it a crunchy bottom.

I cut myself a slice and enjoyed it.  Delicious.

Using the grill as an oven is not only functional, it’s also fun.  If you want high heat, you can cook over the coals, but you can also utilize indirect heat and the grill cover to do more oven-like cooking.
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