Cleaned A Water Filled Keg

If you know me, you are probably aware that I enjoy lifting weights.  J and I have been doing CrossFit training for a good amount of time now, and amazingly, we are still quite enthusiastic about it.

One area I have been interested in but have not delved into very much is
strongman training and training with odd shaped objects.  From my understanding, working with different implements transfers over into real life application even more so than only training with barbells and dumbbells.  Free weights in the gym are awesome, but they are designed to be ergonomic.  Last month, I put together a sandbag and sprinted up the hill with it.  Now, it’s time for a new challenge.

I got this keg from Steve and Brian a few weeks ago.  There were a few times since then when I looked at it and tried to take the top off like I’d seen people do on
YouTube, but J found out that I could just press the top down and pour water down it.  So, that’s what we did tonight.


The keg took a long time to fill.  After we finally got it done, it was heavy.  It definitely felt heavier than I thought it was going to feel.  I had read online that a full keg of water weighs about 120 pounds.  We decided to weigh it, and it was 138 pounds.

My goal was to power clean the keg.  A clean is to take a weight or object from the ground to the shoulders.

I put the keg on its side and prepared to lift.  I put my hands on the lips on the sides and set up as if i was doing a deadlift (back straight, heels planted, core tight, keg close).

I pulled the keg onto my knees.

I shifted one of my hands down to the bottom of the keg and wrapped my body around it.

The first time around, I did it wrong but was able to lift it onto my shoulder.  Even though my technique was not great, I lifted by fully extending my hip, which gave me plenty of power.

My hands are totally in the wrong place because I got them switched around.  They should be reversed, but the keg made its way to my shoulder.

I actually lifted it two more times.  The third time, I think I lifted it best.  Here are a few shots from that lift.



I even put it into a position I could attempt a press or jerk.

I gave it my best, but it went over my head and landed on the middle of the platform.

Here’s the aftermath of the drop.
IMG_4493 IMG_4484

I was looking forward to this, and I’m really glad I did this tonight.  I would totally endorse training with these different kinds of objects.  This is my first time doing this, so I am not an expert.  Please do not do this for your first time without someone else there.  Thank you to J, K, L, and J for both spectating and helping.

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