Shot An Airsoft Gun

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"Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting."
--Christopher Morley

A few months ago,
Living Social had a deal for shooting at an airsoft shooting range. It sounded fun, so I wanted to try it out. My friend Jeremiah and I made a plan to go do this today. The airsoft shooting range is located inside the International Spy Shop at Fisherman's Wharf.

It was a small shooting range, but it had what it needed. There was a setup with a couple of paper targets and some little metal things to shoot at as well.

The gun we got to use was a machine gun that had three modes: safety, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. I shot a bunch of times in semi -automatic mode, firing a bullet at a time.

I think I did pretty well as my spread was fairly well-centered, although none of my shots were in the very center. I guess I need to aim a little higher. I switched to automatic, and my ammo disappeared very quickly. I enjoyed spraying the shots around the shooting range, like Scarface.

I got to take a couple of pistols home as well. This was pretty cool. I didn't get to shoot them today, but I think I might setup some things to aim at in the backyard. That's going to be awesome!

Overall, I have to say I enjoyed this quite a bit. The range was a bit smaller than I thought it was going to be, and Jeremiah and I shared 450 rounds, which disappeared quickly. Still, it was super fun. I would definitely do this again.
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