Run Bay To Breakers

"They're letting that go... The nakedness should be enforced. Specially the people I've seen, should be a felony."
  --San Francisco Police Officer

This year marked the
100th Bay To Breakers.  So, it’s a great year to make it the first time I’ve ever run it.  J and I did early registration for the race in December.  Before I started embracing my fitness, I used to really dislike running, which is why I’ve never been too interested in running it before.

Getting to the race was a pain.  We planned to get up and take the Muni train underground, but when we got there, the operator told us it would cost us ten dollars each.  If I had known that, I would have just called a cab from our house.  We ended up sharing a cab with a young woman also heading downtown.  Of course, the cab didn’t take credit card, so I also had to stop to get cash for him.  The traffic was super slow the closer we got to the start line, but eventually we did make it.

Our other friends had not arrived yet, so while we waited, I took some pictures of incoming runners.
101_0006 101_0013

101_0014 101_0016

101_0018 101_0027

This one was one of my favorites, Navy SEAL, American Eagle, and Osama bin Laden.

The Blue Meanie is ready to take the course.

The street was littered with corn tortillas, and when it started to rain, the wet tortillas became super slippery.  We started to run and this was totally a hazard at first.

I loved this Pac-Man costume.

There were so many great costumes, including a group that came as Devo, Words With Friends, Fandango bags, Barack Obama, Rango, pant-less English police officers, and a gang of Muppets.
101_0055 101_0058






Here are a few more of my other favorites.






Of course, no Bay to Breakers is complete without naked dudes.




They had markers at every mile.  Here was the very last one.

The finish line was in sight, the skies were blue, and Ocean Beach looked beautiful.

At the finish, we spotted a guy that kept his old bibs and attached them to his jumpsuit.

The finisher’s village was almost two miles from the finish line, which kind of sucked, because the last thing you feel like doing after running seven and a half miles is walking another two to get your medal.

Eventually, we did make it there and my group spotted some hilarious Trekkies.  That guy totally looked like a gay Picard.

It was an even farther walk to get to the beverage area (beer, wine, champagne, mimosas, soda).

This was easily the most fun I’ve ever had while running.  People are just there to have fun.  Unless you’re an elite runner, it’s more about the costumes and the pageantry than it is about the running. There were definitely sections that made it difficult to run because everyone was walking, and it was crowded. They leave the course open a long time, and people were just walking the entire course. 

I would recommend this to anyone that lives around here as it was easily worth the purchase price.  I plan to do it again next year, probably with a costume.

Here’s what the medal looked like.
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