Done Barbell Rows

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“Get your deadlift up to 500 pounds and then you’ll have your own opinions.... F*** barbell rows.”
--Mark Rippetoe,
Mean Ol' Mr. Gravity

This week, I started adjusting my CrossFit programming. J suggested that I try CrossFit Endurance. There is a strength component. It's a very consistent weekly schedule (Monday-Saturday), and it makes a ton of sense.

One of the things I really like about it is that the strength component has both maximum effort days and dynamic effort days, which is similar to the conjugate system developed by
Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. This programming lets me keep my strength, incorporate some consistent running, and best of all, it's still CrossFit (constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity).

This week, the programming asked us to do barbell rows. The purpose of doing barbell rows is to strengthen the upper-back, lower-back, lats and traps. Okay, so, Rippetoe is not a fan, but that's okay. It's still worth a shot. I had never done these because they aren't part of CrossFit's normal programming, but today, I was tasked to do them as a dynamic effort exercise. I did three reps for technique and speed at varying weights (between 65 and 115 pounds).

This was a pretty cool exercise. I'm sure I'll be trying this again. I'm actually really curious what I could do as a one rep max....
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