Run A Mile Barefoot

“In minimalist running, you can't overtrain or overstride, because your feet will stop you. When you run barefoot you're not really pushing off, you're just tapping the ball of your foot down.”
  --Christopher McDougall, author of
Born To Run

I used to hate running.  Whenever I did it, I’d get shin splints and knee pain.  It would happen without fail.  Even when I started doing
CrossFit, I would hate the days I would have to run.

Then a couple years ago, J told me about the
Pose Method of Running.  That’s when I switched from landing on my heels to landing on the forefoot.  The first few times, it definitely worked my calves.  They were sore for days, but I wasn’t getting shin splints and knee pain any more, and to me, this was excellent news.  I was also getting faster and more efficient.

Barefoot running has become a phenomenon lately with people buying Vibram Five Fingers and other minimalist type shoes.  The idea that we’re meant to run without heel and arch support in our shoes is starting to become popular.

Today before work, I drove out to Kezar Stadium to run a mile with no shoes, socks or sandals.

It was definitely a different feeling than running in my normal shoes, Inov-8 F-Lite 195s , which are already minimalist running shoes.  At about the third lap, my feet started to burn a little as they were hitting the pavement.  My technique could use a little work.  I’m landing well, but my back foot needs to come up faster.

After the mile, my feet were red, partly because the track is red but also because they were irritated.

I enjoyed this experience, and I think it would toughen up my feet if I kept doing it.  I highly approve of a midfoot/forefoot running approach.  It has helped me enjoy running and kept me free from pain and injury.  Who knew there was actually a technique to running?  :)

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