Made A Custom Bar Of Soap

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This was kind of a cool little project.  They sell soap kits at Michaels.  We decided to pick one up and try it out.  Here’s what comes inside the box:

  • -white soap
  • -clear soap
  • -three colors of dye
  • -cucumber melon fragrance
  • -molds

I decided to make a four layer soap (two greens alternating).  I cut off some of the clear soap from its block and cut it into cubes.
droppedImage_1 droppedImage_2

I threw it in the microwave and nuked it.  I melted it down and it overflowed!  I had to clean up the microwave after that.  I added dye to what was left.  I put in one drop of yellow and one of blue and stirred that up.

I poured the first layer into the circular mold.     

I waited five minutes for that layer to set.  I poured the second layer with the white soap mixed with blue and yellow dye.    

Another five minutes later, I reheated and re-poured the clear mixture.       

Unfortunately, I reheated the clear soap too hot when I poured, and it started to mess up the previous layer.      

I reheated and poured the final layer on top and let that cool overnight.                             

After the final pour:

The next morning, it looked like this:

This was a fun project, and it came out looking pretty awesome.
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