Watched The 1988 Film “Beaches”


Several years ago, J found out that I’d never seen this movie, and even though we purchased the DVD then, we didn’t watch it... until now.  I’ve seen so many 80’s movies, but this one was a gap in my repertoire.

This is a touching film about two 11 year old girls who meet under the boardwalk on the beach in
Atlantic City.  One is a rambunctious redhead, and the other is a quiet debutante.  They write each other throughout their youth.  Their friendship lasts through marriages and divorces, career ups and downs, fights, and long distances.  Despite being from totally different worlds, the two friends (played by Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey) have an amazing relationship that spans over 30 years.

I liked this film.  I thought the two of them had great chemistry, and John Heard did a good job in his supporting role.  Many of the plot points were predictable, but I thought that was forgivable.  I felt the movie was more about the friendship than the plot, and I think the performances really make it work in the end.  I want to add that I do not think this film is for everyone. 

I must’ve heard Bette Midler’s rendition of
“Wind Beneath My Wings” hundreds of times in my life, yet the moment the song plays in the movie is very memorable.  Even though you know what is going to happen throughout the film, it is still an an extremely emotional sequence.  Especially seeing how it was used in the film, I can see why it won two Grammys in 1990 (Best Record and Best Song).

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