Seen The Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

“If you’re worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.”
Lance Armstrong

For the past 11 Easters, San Francisco has hosted a Bring Your Own Big Wheel event.  Originally held at Lombard Street, the event moved to
Vermont Street (@ 20th Street), the actual crookedest street in San Francisco, a few years ago (neighbors were complaining).

I totally did not know about this thing until a friend of mine told me he was going to check it out one year.  I headed over to where the course was and the crowds were huge.

I picked a spot to camp out at for the first heat.  I was near the last turn where everyone was patiently waiting for the riders to get down.

Then we could hear the rumbling of hollow plastic rolling over concrete.  It was a series of strangely dressed people on very small toy tricycles.

There were a lot of great gags on the course, including guys riding on trash cans, a guy on a cooler (when he reached the finish, he pulled out a beer), and two guys in a TV box.



There were a ton of great costumes as well.


Of course, the best part of the whole thing is watching people eat the pavement.  They know it was going to happen.  You know it was going to happen, but when it happened it was just awesome and hilarious.



After a first run, the riders then had multiple opportunities to line up to ride down again.

Considering the people that put this thing on do it for free, this event was really well done.  It’s family friendly, fast-paced, and just a ton of fun for both spectators and participants.  What I really loved about this was that it reminded me how much fun it is for everyone there to be a kid again and play with toys that are obviously not for adults.  There’s something about highlighting this child-like innocence during an annual Easter event that makes it seem totally appropriate.

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