Biked Across The Golden Gate Bridge

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One of the benefits of working in the Presidio is that you are very close to some of San Francisco’s awesome views and landmarks. A splendid view of the
Palace of Fine Arts (recently re-opened, by the way) is not far, and Crissy Field is a short walk away. On top of that, we are basically a stone’s throw from the Golden Gate Bridge. I have on occasion used the opportunity to run across it when I’ve been assigned a 10 kilometer run. Also, it’s part of the first half of the SF Marathon, which we did last July.

However, I have never crossed the bridge via bike, although many of my friends and coworkers have. Well, it’s Friday, and it turned out to be a beautiful day outside. So, this was a good opportunity. Before I started my journey, I discovered that my bike (which I’d left in the garage at work for some time) was not only covered in spiderwebs, but it also had two heavily deflated tires. I ended up taking it to a near by gas station, and filled up the air there.

From there, I headed to Crissy Field:

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By the time I got to the beginning of the the bridge, I was already feeling fatigued because of the hill up to the bridge, but I was committed to going all the way. The bridge is pretty flat. So, I could pretty much go the speed I wanted to. I made it pretty leisurely.

I got to the end without much problem. The only thing that slowed me down was pedestrians. As expected, there were quite a few less than during the summer when I’ve run this path in the past, but maneuvering on a bike is slightly more challenging.

The ride back was easy because after you get off the bridge, it’s almost all downhill. I took a few pictures on my ride. Enjoy!

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