Eaten The Buffet Of Buffets (All Seven In 24 Hours)

“Know how to behave at a buffet. Take a clean plate for a second helping.”
Marilyn vos Savant

I was looking at some different things to do in Vegas a few weeks ago and came across an advertisement for a buffet deal called
“The Buffet of Buffets”.  It gives you access to seven buffets for a twenty-four hour period.  At first, I thought, “there’s no way anyone actually goes to all of them.”  About a second later, I thought, “Challenge Accepted!”

I knew I was being either really stupid or really crazy with the idea of actually going to them all and having food at every place.  After a bit of discussion, J and I agreed that a certain strategy would be needed:
  • 1) Only get things I really want to eat.
  • 2) Don’t force myself to finish the food on my plate.

The journey began right after our trip to the Grand Canyon.  After the tour, Erik dropped us off at the most remote location of all the buffets in the deal, the
Rio.  We purchased the deal at 9:31pm, which means we had until 9:30 the next day to get to all of them.

Rio’s Carnival World Buffet was a nice buffet that had several different types of cuisine.  One of the
things that stood out to me was that it had a very good roast duck and the chicken fried steak wasn’t half bad either.  I also took advantage of their taco bar.  Then I stuffed myself silly before they closed. 
IMG_2577 IMG_2586

The remaining six buffets were left for the next day.  The plan was simple: two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners.  The first buffet of the day was Harrah’s Flavors buffet where I ate corned beef hash, eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, a cheese blintz, a slab of fried chicken with gravy, and piece of French toast.  This was followed by a plate with dim sum, breakfast nachos, and a breakfast burrito.

Next up was the Imperial Palace’s Emperor’s Buffet.  I had a piece of chicken, some steamed vegetables, a beef stroganoff dish, more eggs and bacon, and a cinnamon roll.  This was by far the most ghetto hotel and buffet I’ve ever eaten at.

At the Lago Buffet at Caesar’s Palace, I had chicken, sausage, vegetables, a piece of fish, a few sushi rolls, a barbeque pork bun and some tortellini.  The Caesar’s buffet quality was a bit higher than others, even if the selection was a little smaller.

While this buffet was one of the smaller ones (by Vegas standards), it had a really great selection of desserts.

By the time we got to the Flamingo’s Paradise Garden Buffet, I was starting to feel the weight of the four previous buffets (no pun intended).  I decided to go with a Caesar salad, a crab salad, some vegetables and a made-to-order quesadilla.

For dessert, I also had some cotton candy, a little chocolate confection , a mini cannoli, and a made to order crepe.
IMG_2712 IMG_2713

With two left to go and a few hours to kill, we let the stomachs rest a bit.  We ran a few errands, and when we were ready to tackle dinner, decided to go to the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood.  There, I had some of their chicken with black bean sauce, asparagus, carrots, baba ghanoush, some sushi, and a piece of their lasagna.

They too had a nice selection of desserts.

The last and final stop on the buffet tour was Le Village Buffet in Paris, which had dishes like Duck L’Orange and good mussels.  I had those, plus a piece of prime rib, vegetables, sweet potato, ratatouille, and mushrooms.  

I also had a made to order crepe with poached pears.

I wanted to try to compare one thing at each place so I ended up getting at least one apple-related dessert at all of them.  As you can see, they varied in style and quality.  Not all are shown because I think some were exactly the same thing (from the same vendor!).

After we were done at Paris, I was relieved and exhausted.  I didn’t feel totally overstuffed because we stuck to the strategy pretty well.  One thing that J and I found out is that when you try to do something like this, it really makes you pay attention to what you eat, which you really should do regardless.  There is totally a tendency to pig out on everything when you go to a buffet.  That strategy would not work in this challenge.  I was definitely pickier than I would have been normally, and that turned out to be a really good thing.

This was a pretty fun challenge, especially since it brought us to a bunch of places on The Strip.  After going to all those buffets, I would say I liked the Rio the most and the Imperial Palace the least.  All of them had little things that separated them from the others, but in general, they have a lot of the same things (taco bars, salad, desserts, dim sum).  Obviously, some of them have better quality and/or presentation than others.  It’s kind of a metaphor for the Strip.  The hotels and casinos have their little differences, but when you go inside, they all have the same games and machines in them.
IMG_2671 IMG_2702

IMG_2705 IMG_2706

If you are interested in trying the Buffet of Buffets yourself, I would recommend purchasing it for a late dinner, then you also get breakfast, lunch and a little earlier dinner the next day included in your 24 hours.  It’s $45 for the pass and even if you did just those four, it would totally be worth it.  The prices for the breakfast buffets are around $15 and dinner ones range from $20-30.

That being said, please be smart.  Don’t wreck yourself at one of them - especially in the beginning.  It was nice to just pop into some of these buffets, get a plate of food and pop out.  If you’re going to be on The Strip and just want some options at a reasonable price, it totally works.

I had a good time doing this, but as you can probably guess, I’m kind of sick of buffets.... 

Nevermind, I think the
Bellagio brunch is calling me....
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