Gone To A Burlesque Show

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“I do everything the man does, only backwards and in high heels!”
--Ginger Rogers

A friend of ours has been taking burlesque dance classes, and she invited us to a performance at her graduation of sorts. Tonight, her entire class did a group performance at one of San Francisco's premier burlesque acts, the
Hubba Hubba Revue!
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I had never been to a burlesque show, and all I knew about it was that there were scantily clad ladies and "pasties" involved. After we got there, we found out that The Hubba Hubba Revue is a comedy, striptease, variety act that takes place at the DNA Lounge once a month.

This particular show was summer camp themed, and the types of dances they had in the show were varied and fun. They opened up with a pretty fun burlesque group from Chicago.
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In one of the early performances, one of the ladies surprised the crowd with a San Francisco Giants hat and sign to the tune of Tony Bennett's classic "
I Left My Heart In San Francisco". (She's not nude under there, just scantily clad and I'm trying to keep this site PG).
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While all the performances were kind of funny and quirky, some bordered on dark and twisted. In this particular one, she butchered human parts on stage and had a great time doing it.
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The audience really got into it, especially when this tattooed "camper" took the stage.
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The burlesque class that my friend was in took the stage after the intermission, and they were easily the most entertaining aspect of the night. The crowd was very enthusiastic when these ladies were up there. It was a lot of fun!
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I had a good time at this show. It's different than a lot of different shows I've been to, but this was some plain old grown up variety show fun!

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