Ridden A Cable Car

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J and I were born in San Francisco.  Because the cable car is such an icon of the city, it’s kind of strange that I had never ridden one before.  Back in 2009, J and I went to the Cable Car Museum, where we saw how all the cables run underground.  That was really cool.  If you haven’t checked that out, go see it (it’s free). 

I decided that we should start at the Powell and Market cable car turnaround and go from one end to the other.  There are two routes: one to Mason Street and one to Hyde Street.

We took the Powell and Mason cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf.  The line was the shortest we had ever seen it.

Once we got on, it costs five dollars to ride the cable car.  They also sell one-day passes for $13.  J encouraged me to make my Indiana Jones “no ticket” face.
IMG_4873 IMG_4875

I had fun taking pictures and video while riding.   

This is the turnaround at the Wharf and the big Wharf sign.
IMG_4908 IMG_4912

We walked around the Wharf for awhile and went to Ghirardelli Square.

From here, we took the Hyde Street cable car back so that we could say we rode both lines from end to end.
IMG_1426 IMG_5009

Today was the perfect day for doing this.  The temperature was in the mid 70’s, the skies were blue, and it wasn’t too crowded.
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