Made Catfish Po' Boy Sandwiches

“The most important thing is that everyone comes from somewhere, and everyone has a story.  When you understand the story and where the food comes from, you can cook it with more authenticity and soul.”
John Besh

Maddie’s birthday was a few days ago, but we celebrated it tonight!  She loves catfish, so I suggested a catfish po’ boy for dinner.  J found this great
recipe for it.  I picked up the ingredients today, and surprisingly, Bi-Rite Market and Mollie Stone’s do not carry catfish.  I ended up getting the fish from the Safeway on Market Street.

I started with a flour mixture with chili powder and pepper.

I prepped a dish with a dark beer, an Old Rasputin Imperial Stout.

Then, I prepped a third dish with panko crumbs.  I set them up in an assembly line.

I dipped the catfish in the flour mixture, then the beer, then the panko crumbs.
IMG_7985 IMG_7990

Now that the fish was prepped for cooking, it was time to work on a slaw for topping.  I cut the cabbage in small shreds.

I made a liquid mixture with a mayonnaise and sour cream base.  It also had some lime juice, vinegar, sugar and seasonings.

I folded the cabbage into it and added some red peppers to it.

I put in some red onions and scallions and folded those in as well.

It was fish frying time!  With some hot oil in a pan, I put the fish in for two minutes each side (until it was golden brown).


I buttered some French rolls and popped them in the oven for a bit.

The catfish goes on the bottom roll, and then it’s topped with some slaw.  Close the sandwich, and it’s done.


It was humongous, and when I first started, I took a huge bite.

This came out pretty well.  I thought it could have been a little more seasoning, but I’m so glad Maddie and the girls enjoyed it.  I’m a huge fan of slaw, so it was cool I got to make some. 

I liked this recipe because you get the combination of the taste of the fish, the crispness of the slaw, and the crunch of the toasted bread.  It came out well and was a great experience.
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