Watched Roman Polanski's 1974 Classic "Chinatown"

Having just watched “Rango” recently, I felt inspired to watch “Chinatown”.  The two films  share more than a few similarities in plot.  “Chinatown” is set in Los Angeles in 1937 and is based on the water shortage in the 1910s and 1920s. 

The story is told through eyes of a private detective named JJ “Jake” Gittes, played by a young
Jack Nicholson, who is hired by a woman to find out if her husband, the city’s water and power engineer Hollis Mulwray, is having an affair. 

After a photograph he took of the man and his young mistress makes the front page of the newspaper, it’s revealed that the woman that hired him was not the wife, and the real Mrs. Mulwray, played by
Faye Dunaway sues him.

Jake tries to clear his name by finding out who did this to him, and the whole story unravels into a multi-layered mystery involving the city’s water supply and a family dispute.

Both Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway are fantastic in the movie.  They give some of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen from either of them.


Jack Nicholson spends a great deal of the film with his nose bandaged up after an altercation at one of the reservoirs.


A few things that I really enjoyed:
  • -The storytelling in the movie is fantastic.  The script is very well written and the pacing of the movie with the music is very well done.
  • -Jack Nicholson’s acting is superb.
  • -The fight scene between Jake and Mulvihill is awesome.  It seemed really realistic and even cooler that it takes place in front of an old folks home.
  • -The framing of the shots and the use of camera moves and rack focus are really great.  I really noticed them in the beginning of the film, but it’s so beautiful throughout.

I enjoyed this film and would like to revisit it some time.  If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it.  Anyone that has seen “Rango” should see this film.
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