Decorated A Christmas Tree By Myself

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."
Roy L Smith

Usually, every year, J, her brother Jim, and I go out and buy a Christmas tree shortly after Thanksgiving. J is out on vacation, so yesterday, I got a little help from our friend Laurie, and the two of us went to Home Depot and picked up a six foot tree. Once I got it home, I put it in its stand and put some water in it.

Usually, J would decorate the tree with minimal help from me, but this year, I was home alone, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do it alone.

After laying down a tree skirt, I started by putting the star on top.

After attaching the light string to the star, I started wrapping the lights around the tree.

Once all the lights were done, I went around and around the tree with decorative stringed beads.

With the beads all set up, I started putting ornaments on the tree, and there were a ton of ornaments.

I definitely have my group of favorite ornaments, including this working Speak N Spell one.

No tree in our house is complete without Luke Skywalker training with Yoda.

I made a stop motion video of me decorating the tree:

I enjoyed decorating the tree, although it is quite a bit more fun when other people are doing it with you. Even just for the simple task of passing the lights around to someone else, it's great to have another person on the other side of the tree. Still, I got it done and had fun doing it. Happy holidays!
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