Sat In A Construction Vehicle

"The road to success is always under construction."
Lily Tomlin

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has been working out in our street for about a month now. Ever since they've been out there, I've been thinking about how cool it must feel to use one of those super powerful machines. I had been waiting for a good day to do this, and the weekend presented the perfect opportunity to try it out because I knew the workers would not be there. I ended up waiting longer than I thought, and according to the signs that have been on the street, this is actually the last week they planned to be working.

I obviously do not have a license to drive one, but I thought it would be great to at least see what it was like to sit in the seat. I was a little worried I would get caught or that someone would yell at me, so I asked J to take the picture from the car. I felt like everyone at the salon and the restaurant nearby must be looking at me, but I climbed the tread and hopped in the seat. J got out of the car to take the shot.

This was fun. I felt a bit mischievous when I got into the vehicle, but it kind of felt like being a kid playing on a jungle gym. I enjoyed it and actually think it would be hilarious to make a series of photos in different heavy duty equipment vehicles.
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