Assembled A Dinosaur Lamp

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"We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out."
Colin Mochrie

J ordered this dinosaur lamp a little while ago, and I decided to put it together tonight. It's a triceratops because triceratopses are cool! The lamp comes with two boxes, one with a a bunch of flat pieces and the other is just the light assembly.
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I took all the pieces out so I could see them all, whipped out the instructions and went to work.
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I started by putting together the head.
IMG_4761-1 (dragged)

Later, I assembled the legs, body, and tail.
IMG_4770-1 (dragged)

The light assembly attaches to the bottom of the body but inside the creature.
IMG_4772-1 (dragged)

I put the legs on the body, and the very last thing to do is to attach the head. The head can come off and on fairly easily, and this is nice because it's the easiest way to access the light bulb when it needs changing.
IMG_4775-1 (dragged)

After attaching the head, it looked awesome.
IMG_4796-1 (dragged) 1

Then I turned on the light, and it looked super awesome!
IMG_4778-1 (dragged)

I thought this was a really cool project. It was definitely cooler doing this than I was expecting when we ordered it. On top of that, I am really happy with the result. Dinosaurs are awesome!
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