Watched A Giants Game Wearing Dodger Blue

Like I said in
yesterday’s post, the Giants-Dodgers rivalry is the oldest in baseball.  I was born and raised as a Giants fan.  I dreamt of the San Francisco World Series Championship before I even thought about getting married or having children. 

So, yes, if you believed even for a second that the title of this was true....

April Fools Day!!!

I asked my friend and Dodger fan Frankie to come over today after work to enjoy the second game of the season, which happened to match up our opposing teams.  J and I set it up so that it would be an April Fools joke on him.

Little did he know that I’d buy this blue SF hat.

When I got home, I threw on a blue sweatshirt and prepped my hat.  I purposely never wore the hat until this evening.

When I put the hat on, Frankie totally thought I was wearing a Dodgers hat.  When I turned around, he was so shocked.

“I can’t believe they make a hat like that!” he said in genuine surprise.

I picked up some food for the game to throw on the grill.  “Hey Frankie, want a hot dog?”

The Giants took the lead in the fourth inning off our rookie first baseman Brandon Belt’s three run home run, but some costly errors and miscues in the sixth gave the Dodgers a one run lead.

There was a moment of stress for Frankie in the seventh inning when the Giants loaded the bases.  Unfortunately, Hawksworth pitched out of the jam.

The Giants ended up losing, but it was fun watching another close one run game with Frankie.  He claims I jinxed my team, but my favorite part was hearing him say throughout the night, “I still can’t believe they make a hat like that.”

It’s the beginning of a long season.  Happy Orange Friday!

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