Ridden A Double Decker Bus

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"Good things come, and I'm not just referring to riding the buses."
Lionel Blue

Today was pretty much the perfect day to play tourist. The sun was out, and it was beautiful outside. A few months ago, I got some tickets to do a
hop on, hop off double decker bus tour of the city. J suggested that I do it today because the weather has been so great lately, so it seemed like an opportune time to take advantage of it.

I took the train downtown and I ended up walking to Fisherman's Wharf which was a nice walk. I didn't realize until later that I could've taken the F Market street car from the Castro all the way to the Wharf. I'll definitely remember next time.

I cashed my coupon in at the tour company and waited for the bus to show up at the corner of Taylor and North Point. This is the first stop this tour takes.
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Stop 2 is in the Marina District where I often get lunch either on Lombard or Chestnut. It's fairly close to work.
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The third stop is very close to where I work. In fact, it's right in front of one of the Letterman Digital Arts Center buildings.
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From here, the bus went to the Walt Disney Family Museum, which I visited for the first time this year.
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Stop 5 is actually inside the Sports Basement parking lot. On the other side of the building is
San Francisco CrossFit.
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One of the most popular spots on the tour is stop 6, the Golden Gate Bridge. The bus actually takes a long break here.
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The bus then heads down Park Presidio to Golden Gate Park. It makes two stops here, one at the California Academy of Sciences.
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The other Golden Gate Park stop is at the Conservatory of Flowers.
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The bus made its next stop where Haight Street and Stanyan meet the park.
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After two stops in Civic Center, the bus also goes to Moscone Center on Mission and 3rd.
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The Nike Women's Marathon is taking place tomorrow, so when we got to Union Square, it was packed with people going to the race's expo.
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Next, there was a stop at the Grant Street Chinatown Gate.
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This bus then travels through North Beach and stops at Washington Square, not far from the crooked part of Lombard.
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As I was getting close to making it all the way around, there was a stop at the pier people go to if they want to go to Alcatraz.
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The very last stop was at Pier 39, the second most visited place in California (after Disneyland).
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I have to say riding on a double decker bus is awesome. I was super high off the ground and could see a lot of places I'd seen before, but from a different perspective. It was fun, and I'd totally recommend trying it at least once.
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While I was on the bus, I couldn't help but think that a journey through San Francisco is a journey of my life. I had a great time seeing certain places and thinking to myself, "Remember that time I was at this place..." We drove by the Marina District where I often find myself during the week. The bus stopped in front of my work place. It passed by the Crissy Field Amphitheater where J and I got married. It went through Golden Gate Park, where I spent a lot of my time as a teen getting into all kinds of trouble. It stopped in front of Amoeba Records where I used to shop religiously. When we visited the Civic Center, I thought about all the time I spent there in college. There was Christmas time in Union Square. If you're old enough to remember there was an ice skating rink on top of the Emporium Capwell, I give you props. Finally, when we got to Pier 39, I remembered when I worked for a store there, and I admitted to a dear friend I had a drug problem.

Perhaps I could've had these memories in some other city or some other town, but I didn't. I had them here, and maybe that's why I love being here so much. It's home. No matter where I am, San Francisco is my home.
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