Eaten The Duck Larb From Lers Ros Thai

"Jack can talk Thai.  Jack talked Thai real well."
  --Gaylord Focker,
Meet The Parents

The good news is that I found a pretty good Thai restaurant.  The bad news is that it’s in the Tenderloin.  I picked up some food from
Lers Ros Thai because the duck larb is on the 7x7 Big Eat List.  One of the most impressive things is that they have a very large menu.  There are easily over a hundred items to choose from.  We ended up getting quite a few.

Their Tom Yum Gai (chicken coconut milk soup) was good.  I really liked how spicy it was and that the chicken wasn’t overcooked. 

We also enjoyed some of the Yum Nam Tok (spicy beef salad).  The meat had good texture and taste and the greens were fresh.

The Moo Gratiem (garlic pork) was one of my favorite dishes.  It had a unique taste but it was well cooked and delicious.

Pad See-Ew with beef is one of the Thai dishes we normally order.  I thought theirs was good but there was a spice in there that I’m not used to tasting in that dish.

Pad Ped Nok (fried quail appetizer) was a little bit too much work for me.  It tastes good with the sauce, but because of the small bones, I didn’t feel it was worth the trouble.

Kang Karee (yellow curry) was good over some brown rice.  Unfortunately, I ordered green curry and got this instead.  We may have to go back there so I can test out their green one.

And finally, we had the Larb Phed Yang (duck larb).  It was as good as advertised.

While all the food at this place was good, for me, the duck larb was the stand out dish.  The duck was moist and delicious, and the lime dressing complemented it extremely well.  They served it with very crisp and fresh lettuce, and all the flavors together made an excellent dish.

I would recommend this dish and restaurant to anyone that likes Thai food.
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