Prepared An Emergency Kit

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"Coward: One who, in a perilous emergency, thinks with his legs."
Ambrose Bierce

A few weeks ago, J showed me an article in Parents magazine that outlined some of the steps and items needed in case of an emergency. For parents, it's a smart idea, and we thought it might be wise for us to put something like this together too. After all, we live in a city known for its natural disasters, but who knows what life is going to throw our way. Especially after the tsunamis in Japan, it just makes sense.

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After work today, J, Ryan and I headed over to Target to get some essentials:
- Canned food - Storable high calorie foods are important to have on hand.
- Flat of water - Survival without food is possible for weeks but not without water.
- First aid kit - Having the ability to treat even minor wounds
- Crescent wrench - In the event that we have to shut off the gas line, this is a must.
- Dust masks - Protecting your lungs is a good thing.
- Hand sanitizer - This is an excellent idea if there turns out to be no running water.
- Can opener - How else are we going to open the canned foods?
- Water proof flashlight - When this thing gets submerged into water, the emergency light engages.
- Lighter - If we need to build a fire, this'll make it a lot easier.

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We had a fair number of items already at home:
- Corded phone - If the electricity is out, this could be helpful.
- Cash
- Travel sized Advil
- Duct tape
- Garbage bags
- A change of clothes
- Fire extinguisher
- Lip balm
- Blanket

This was a good project. Being prepared for an emergency is important and responsible. It may not be fun, but it's a good exercise that helped remind me to stay aware for the unexpected and be prepared for it.
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