Eaten The Breakfast Buffet At Farmer Brown

This morning, J, A, and I had a brilliant plan to go to Little Skillet to pick up breakfast.  Due to a technical error by yours truly, I failed to realize that Little Skillet is not open on Sundays.  So, Little Skillet will have to wait for another day.

Plan B ended up being eating breakfast at the restaurant Little Skillet is an offshoot of,
Farmer Brown.  This restaurant, located on the corner of Mason and Turk (on the edge of the Tenderloin), “revolves around providing the freshest possible organic ingredients for their wholesome southern american classics, presented lovingly to their local communities.”

We arrived right before the doors opened at 10am and got a table for three right away.  Behind the hosting counter, they had a
7x7 cover and a Little Skillet poster.  There were also some awesome business cards and a strange holder for them.
IMG_5813 IMG_5814

The $16 buffet didn’t have the most variety I’d ever seen, but I thought everything sounded good.  J mentioned that they intelligently loaded up the front half of the food with the carbs before you got to the chicken.  Here’s the menu and the chicken.
FarmerBrownBuffet.png IMG_5847

Here was my first plate.

I also ordered a belgian waffle.  I added some more chicken.

The food was very good.  Everything tasted delicious, but more than anything, I thought the chicken was outstanding.  It was moist and had a ton of great flavor.  Easily some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten.

The decor was also impressive.  I liked the artwork and the lighting in the place.  I also appreciated the look of the bar.  They played great music, and there was even a band setting up when we were about to leave.



Despite the fact that this restaurant is in one of my least favorite areas of town, I would come back here.  The food and the ambiance is that good.  If you’ve never eaten here, check it out.  I’m curious what their dinner is like, and like I said, I’ll be checking out Little Skillet sometime soon.
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