Made Fat Sandwiches


For my brother in law’s birthday, the family decided to take a page out of one of the food trucks we saw in an episode of Man vs. Food.  If you’ve never watched this program, it’s about a guy named Adam Richman that goes around the country and tries different food challenges at different cities.  At Rutgers University in New Jersey, he visits a Grease Truck called R U Hungry?.  This is the place that we modeled our “fat sandwiches” after.

The sandwich pictured above is modeled after one served at that grease truck.  It’s called the “Fat Knight” and has cheese steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and marinara sauce w/ meatballs.

Obviously, it isn’t something that I’d want to eat on a regular basis as it doesn’t adhere to my current way of eating, but it was pretty tasty as well as fun to make.  In my opinion, it wasn’t too bad of a way to start out the New Year.

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