Had Dinner At Flour + Water

"Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around."
Anna Quindlen

Tonight, we went out to dinner for our friend Aaron's birthday. I knew he wanted to try flour+water, so when the opportunity to make this reservation came up nearly two months ago, I took it, and the best reservation I could get was still at 9:15. Ridiculous! I've heard they save about half the space for walk-ins but that these spots get taken up fairly quickly. Even
Steve Jobs couldn't get a table when he came to the restaurant last year.

After a bit of fun at tonight's
NightLife, we headed to the restaurant. The exterior of flour+water looks more like a house on a corner than a restaurant.
IMG_3512-1 (dragged)

The inside was packed of course.
IMG_3517-1 (dragged)

The kitchen was working furiously on the evening's orders.
IMG_3562-1 (dragged)

For an appetizer, I ordered a lavender smoked duck breast with fig, almond & fresh horseradish. The duck was cooked very nicely and it was delicious.
IMG_3534-1 (dragged) 1

For dinner, J and I shared two pizzas. The first was a Salsiccia (rabe leaves, sausage, montasio and caramelized onions). This pizza was so good. The crust was done perfectly and the combination of the ingredients was great. Both J and I really enjoyed this one.
IMG_3552-1 (dragged)

The second pizza was a Melanzana (roasted eggplant, capers, olives, smoked mozzarella and chili). It was also tasty, but in my opinion lacked the complexity the Salsiccia had. The crust was awesome, and this is a solid choice, especially if you want something a little lighter.
IMG_3546-1 (dragged)

We completed the evening with a chocolate dessert with a scoop of ice cream. Aaron had the same thing, but his came with a birthday candle.
IMG_3574-1 (dragged)

Overall, it was a fun evening. The food was good, as was the company. Was it worth the wait? Right now, I'll say yes, but perhaps you'll have to ask me after we try
Pizzeria Delfina.
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