Gone To The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Yogurt: “You're welcome, and here. (throws a fortune cookie at Lone Starr) Just in case you get hungry.”
Lone Starr: “A fortune cookie?”
Yogurt: “Yes. Remember, open it before you eat it.”

Today, J had an appointment in Chinatown.  I decided to go check out the
Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory on Ross Alley.  They’ve been making fortune cookies here since 1962.
GGCookieAwning.png GGCookieAwning1.jpg

There is a lot of activity in this alleyway.  There is also this map of Chinatown on the ground.

The factory is not very big at all.  It’s actually not much larger than my living room.  The cookie machine brings the flat cookies out on a conveyor belt hot.  

The lady that works there grabbed the flat cookie and folded the fortune into it.  She quickly pulls the cookie over a thin metal pole to make the fortune cookie the right shape.
CookieHands.jpg CookieHands1.jpg

CookieHands3.jpg CookieHands4.jpg

If you decided to come here yourself, remember to bring cash and if you want to take pictures, they want you to pay 50 cents.  Considering they don’t charge anything for letting you in, it’s not a bad deal.

The lady that I watched work was so fast.  Here’s a video of her making a few cookies really quickly.

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