Cleaned Out The Freezer

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"Why is there a book in the freezer?"
Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends

Here's another item that I procrastinated on for a long time. Literally, it's been years. There were things in our freezer that did not need to be there. I feel like I've always looked in there and noticed there was no room in it. Regardless of it being full, I never see anything I'd like to eat either. It's very easy to throw something in the freezer for later consumption and then totally forget about it. I feel like I've done this on numerous occasions. Consequently, the freezer just has a bunch of food all over the place, and it's totally unorganized.
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My plan for today was to start by taking everything out of the freezer. When I started doing that, I thought it would be a good idea to categorized the items as they were coming out.
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I started with the door, and it felt pretty good to get all the items off the shelves.
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One of the weird things about this was when there were items I couldn't identify easily.
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I grouped all the frozen fruits and vegetables together.
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Often when we have chicken, we like to save the bones to make stock later. We had quite a few bags in the freezer for this purpose.
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What the heck is this thing?
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With all this spread out, it was a good idea to clean the inside of the freezer. The bottom of the freezer had a caked on mess. It took a little bit of hot water and a lot of paper towels, but I was able to get it looking pretty good after a while.
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With all the food spread out in the kitchen, it was nice to be able to decide how we wanted it reorganized in the freezer.
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I started by taking all the broth ingredients (for both chicken and lobster stock) and putting them in the bottom basket.
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Frozen fruits and vegetables went in the second basket.
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I ended up putting the proteins up top and some of the miscellaneous items in the door, but I threw away a lot of stuff for various reasons (exposed to open air too long, unidentifiable, freezer burned). This was the key to freeing up some room.
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After I finished, I felt accomplished. It was definitely not the most fun thing to do. That's why I procrastinated for so long, but it felt great to see it through. It's gratifying to complete something like this, plus it gave me an idea for later this week....

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