Been To Giants Fanfest

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Giants FanFest is a free-of-charge annual event held at AT&T Park, where fans get the opportunity to get autographs, tour the ballpark, sit in the dugout, and walk on the field.

In all the years they’ve held
Giants FanFest (18 years by the way), I have never braved the crowds to check it out, but this year is a little different.  It’s no secret that the Giants are now the World Series Champions, and for this reason, I knew there would be even more people this year.  I’m not really a fan of big crowds, so I was definitely hesitant about going. 

On the other hand, I am trying new things, even things that I would normally consider more trouble than they’re worth.  While this is what I’d consider a possibly uncomfortable setting for me, it also had a ton of potential to be fun.  Planning ahead, I put this event on my calendar several weeks ago.

My buddy
DLo is an autograph nut.  So he was dead set on going and getting signatures from the players.  We found out season ticket holders got early entry into the park for the event (9:30am instead of 11am).  DLo found a few tickets from Craigslist, and we planned to arrive early for 9:30am entry.

We decided to try to leave around 5am.  He picked me up at my place around 5:20, and we ended up arriving at the ballpark around 5:40.  There were a few people already there.
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Even a few hours later, DLo tried to stay pumped about the event.

I took a walk around 8 o’clock and this was the line to get a picture with the trophy:

Once we got into the park around 9:45, this was the scene outside the Marina Gate:

We went straight upstairs where there was literally no line and we got autographs from Matt Cain, Bruce Bochy, and Vida Blue:

We went down to the Club Level where Tim Lincecum, Freddy Sanchez, and Barry Zito were signing:   

The players were really cool, and I thanked them for taking the time to do this.  Barry Zito even gave me a tip about getting autographs on my baseball. 

With six autographs, DLo and I were pretty happy.  It was still before the general public was allowed in.  We decided to get in one more autograph line on the Field Level.  This line was long and took forever.  After about an hour, I decided to leave (DLo stayed) and check out the rest of the park.  The field was packed and there was a long line to get a picture in the dugout.

I decided to explore the Club Level because I’d never been in there before.  I can see why people have to pay a lot of money for those tickets.  It’s really nice in there, and now they have displays up for all of last year’s postseason.  In glass cases, they have signed baseballs, game used bases, and other really great Giants stuff.     

I went onto the field and just walked around for a bit.  I spent some time in the outfield.

I even took the opportunity to check out the press box.  They have a fantastic view from there.

After DLo finally got his last autographs (Eli Whiteside, Emmanuel Burriss, and Cody Ross), he came onto the field, and we took a few photos.   

A lot happened when we were there, and I’m probably not doing the day justice, but I’ve included a gallery of images
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