Cooked Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

I nabbed this recipe from Chef John Besh’s cookbook, My New Orleans.  I knew the cooking time was over two hours, so I decided to do a bunch of prep work the night before.  We went to Safeway and bought the ingredients.  I cut the onions, celery, bell pepper, tomato, the chicken and two types of sausages (smoked sausage and andouille). 

The next day, I got home and went to work.  I started by making a roux.  I used 1 cup of oil and 1 cup of flour, cooked that up until is was a good brown color.  I threw the onions in there and cooked that up for a bit.  I seasoned the organic chicken we got with some creole spices.  I put the chicken in the pot and cooked it until it browned (around ten minutes). 

The smoked sausage gets stirred in after that.  Then the tomato, celery, bell pepper, and garlic go in after that, followed by the chicken stock/broth.  I let that boil up and then simmer for 45 minutes, skimming the fat that comes to the surface.

Then I put the okra, andouille, some file powder, worschester sauce, and salt and pepper in.  I stirred that up, and then let that simmer for another 45 minutes.  It smelled really good at this point.

While that was going, I made rice on the stove.  After that was finished, we were ready to serve.  It turned out delicious.  I think I had thirds.

This dish was not that difficult, but it was time-consuming.  Thanks go to the girls for helping with clean up.   Click
here for more pictures.

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