Been To A Ham And Oyster Bar

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Tonight, J, A, and I decided to go out to eat before going to a friend’s birthday celebration.  Dinner was at a restaurant called Hog and Rocks.  They call themselves “San Francisco’s first ham and oyster bar.”  “Hog” is obviously talking about the five choices of ham they serve, and “rocks” is meant to be both the oysters (there were six types) and the ice in the drinks.  One of the cool things about the menu was that they have a sampler choice for the hams where you can choose either three or all five of the hams. 

We went with the three choice sampler for the ham, and I decided to get one of each oyster:
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The three hams we had:
  • G&W Hammery (Tennessee)
  • San Danielle Prosciutto (Italy)
  • Monte Nevado Jamon Serrano (Spain)
The six oysters I ate:
  • Phantom Creek (British Columbia)
  • Hammersley Inlet (Washington)
  • Cranberry Creek (Washington)
  • Blue Point (Connecticut)
  • Kumamoto (Washington)
  • Cooke’s Cove (British Columbia)
I pretty much thought all of the hams and oysters would good, but I definitely had favorites.  Out of the hams, I really thought the Italian prosciutto stood out.  It was smooth, not too salty, and tasty when paired with the fig that it was served with.  For the oysters, I thought the Blue Point from Connecticut stood out.  It tasted very crisp and fresh (like a salad).  I’ve never remembered tasting an oyster quite like that before, and I really enjoyed it.

I also had their fish and chips, J had their skillet beef patty melt, and A had their cast iron octopus.  Everyone thought their dishes tasted good.  I wish they had given me more fish and less fries.  They only give you one 6oz. piece!  I know my photo makes it look massive - it wasn’t.  The tartar sauce had some spice to it, which I liked.
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The decor and lighting of the place were dark.  They had dark wood tables and trim.  If I were a drinker and in my early 20’s, I could see Hog & Rocks as a cool place to go in the Mission.  The one big drawback was that it’s too noisy for normal conversation.  Granted, it was Saturday night, so it was busy.

Overall, I had a fun time.  I thought the food prices were reasonable, and I found that ham and oysters actually pair pretty well.
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