Gone On A Hornblower Cruise

"It's a booze cruise!"
Steve Carell as Michael Scott, The Office

Back in February,
I donated blood. As one of the perks for making a donation that day, I got a coupon for $25 off a Hornblower cruise. First of all, J and I love cruises. For our honeymoon, we went on a 26-day cruise from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, BC, Canada. That's why it's a little strange that we'd never taken the opportunity to go on a day cruise on San Francisco Bay.

Ryan, J, and I all made reservations for a Sunday Champagne Brunch. We got to Pier 3 around boarding time and there was a line at the ramp to get on. That's when we got our first glance of the ship.
IMG_2859-1 (dragged) 1

While we waited for the rest of the guests to board the ship, we walked around one of the upper decks and enjoyed the view.
IMG_2866-1 (dragged)

Even when we were docked, the views were really nice.
IMG_2867-1 (dragged)

We took off from the port and put some distance between us and the city's skyline.
Hornblower SF City View

There was a decent variety of foods at the buffet, including a couple different salads, eggs, and French toast.

After we were done eating, the ship sailed underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.
IMG_2908-1 (dragged) IMG_2917-1 (dragged)

It was actually pretty cool when we passed by Alcatraz.
IMG_2928-1 (dragged)

As we approached the end of the cruise, we passed downtown and underneath the Bay Bridge.
IMG_2936-1 (dragged) IMG_2934-1 (dragged)

I really enjoyed this cruise. I would recommend it to anyone that hasn't done this before. We were lucky to get the perfect day to enjoy a trip on the Bay. If you have someone coming from out of town and want to enjoy a day cruise, this is a really good option. The food was good, the service was great, and the views are fantastic. Plus, they used one of my favorite quotes on the back of the drink menu.
IMG_2881-1 (dragged)
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