Infused Liquids With Flavor

I’ve always seen those cool looking bottles in the store with stuff in oils, and I’ve always wondered if I could do something like that.  At first, I started with the thought of making a pepper infused vodka to use in a future item.  Then, J and I came up with the idea to make a flavored vinegar and a flavored oil.

The pepper flavored vodka was pretty simple.  I seeded, stemmed, and quartered three peppers, a serrano, a jalapeno, and a red habenero.

I emptied a little vodka out and put the peppers in.  I need to keep this for about 3-4 days.

Next, I made a lemon flavored champagne vinegar.  I took a bottle of champagne vinegar and added some lemon zest.  I zested the lemon.
IMG_5455 IMG_5457

Finally, I made a garlic and rosemary infused olive oil.  I started by pan roasting the garlic.

I heated the oil in a pot on a low temperature and put some rosemary in it.

I added the garlic when it was ready.

I poured the mixture back into its bottle and set it with the other bottles I made.

These were pretty simple to make, and I’m curious about the taste of them when they are ready later in the week. 

Warning if you plan to do this yourself: I read about the possibility of botulism for the garlic in oil, and it must be kept refrigerated. 
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