Done An Inverted Burpee

Happy Ash Wednesday (and Lent)!
Back in April of 2009, posted a workout of 100 inverted burpees.  At the time, I was nowhere near being able to do something like that.

I totally forgot about them until my friend and awesome San Francisco CrossFit gymnastics coach
Carl Paoli reminded me about Jeff Tucker’s site  They posted this video a few days ago:

I decided to try to do one against the wall since I am not confident in my ability to do freestanding handstands yet.  My first attempt I misjudged my distance to the wall and crashed into it.  You can see the video of that below.

After that, I tried to get mentally psyched up for it.  I got set up.

I went down to roll back.

I rolled back into a candlestick.

I rolled forward, planted my hands and went into a handstand.

I definitely could work on some things for this.  It wasn’t too bad for my first try, and I want to incorporate these, or even just parts of them (forward rolls, handstands, candlesticks), in my warmups.  I think I may try to do one hundred later this year.

Enjoy the video:

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