Waited In Line For Something I Didn't Buy

Ryan And His iPhone 4S
"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today was the release date for the
iPhone 4S. My friend Ryan wanted to get one but didn't want to get up super early and wait in line all by himself. I volunteered to hang out with him if he wanted to crash at our place.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and made us some coffee. I dropped him off at the
Chestnut Street Apple Store while I took my car to my work parking garage where my car could sit long term for free and without the possibility of getting a ticket.

The line wasn't too long when we got there, but it was before 5:30 in the morning. It was about 35-40 people deep.
IMG_6149-1 (dragged)

Because Ryan was visiting a friend last night, he had little sleep and looked miserable. I could tell he was at least partly excited but mostly, he wanted to sleep. It was going to be a long wait.
IMG_6150-1 (dragged)

There was a news van and camera crew parked in front of the store entrance.
IMG_6154-1 (dragged)

We waited and waited for a little over two hours. Meanwhile, the line for the phone got longer and longer.
IMG_6159-1 (dragged) 1

Shortly before the store was set to open for the launch, the employees handed out little cards to the people in line confirming that there was enough stock for them. Ryan got his card for a 16GB white iPhone 4S.
IMG_6165-1 (dragged)

It took about an hour and fifteen minutes for us to get into the store, but only a short five or ten minutes for Ryan to buy the phone. It seemed like they had an ample supply.
IMG_6188-1 (dragged)

He was happy! He unboxed it in the store and was admiring his new headphones.
IMG_6197-1 (dragged)

Using iCloud, he activated and synced over the store's WiFi network. Pretty cool iOS 5 feature.
IMG_6198-1 (dragged)

I've known Ryan since we went to school at
San Jose State ten years ago, and I value his friendship. I was glad to hang out with him despite both of us being slightly delirious from sleep deprivation. While I cannot say it was not uncomfortable, I recommend this experience fully. It's not because I believe being tired is a good thing. It's because if you have a friend you care about this much, consider yourself lucky. I know I do.

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