Visited The Japanese Tea Garden

Today was a gorgeous day.  It was mild outside, and I wanted to take a walk to Golden Gate Park.  One of the places I’d always wanted to check out in the park is the Japanese Tea Garden.  Originally built as part of the World’s Fair in 1894, it’s the oldest public Japanese garden in the United States. 

Admission to the tea garden is $5 for San Francisco residents, $7 for non-residents.  It’s also free between 9am and 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The tea garden is located near the
De Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences.  It’s on Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive.


The tea garden is full of small ponds and beautiful plants.
IMG_6718 IMG_6720

This Buddha was cast in the 18th century.

The cherry blossoms were beautiful, and there were a ton of them.

In the big pond in the back of the garden had a duck, some fish, and these cool decorative crane statues.

IMG_6797 IMG_6788

One of the most popular features of the garden is the moon bridge, a high arched semi circle over water.  It was pretty crowded on that bridge for a while.

There is a small restaurant inside the garden where you can enjoy some tea and food.
IMG_6838 IMG_6840

There’s also a little store where you can buy Japanese-style gifts.

Golden Gate Park is full of great places that people can go and just relax.  I like the Botanical Gardens at the Arboretum because it’s a huge space where you can have a picnic and look at plants from around the world.  The Japanese Tea Garden is equally beautiful but in a different way.  It’s well-kept and the decor blends with the plants and landscape so well.  I had a great time and would recommend a visit on a nice day like today.
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