Watched Steven Spielberg's 1975 Classic "Jaws"

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

One of my friends said that this project exposes how lame I am sometimes because of the things I haven’t done.  This is definitely one of those movies I am embarrassed about not seeing. 

“Jaws”, which is based on the novel by Peter Benchley, is a film about a small summer resort town called Amity Island.  It’s number 56 on the AFI 100.  The film opens with the first in a series of shark attacks.  The story centers around the town’s new sheriff (played by Roy Scheider) and the balance he tries to maintain between the safety of the people following this attack and the desire for the town council to keep business running.


The sheriff enlists the help of a marine biologist (played by Richard Dreyfuss) and a shark hunter (played by Robert Shaw).  These characters were a lot of fun.  They played off each other a lot because of how different their personalities were.  One of my favorite scenes was when they bonded over their scars and injuries after having a fair number of drinks.

A few things to note about this film.  It was the original summer blockbuster.  In the years that followed, big “tentpole” movies were and continue to be released during the summer, including
Star Wars (just two years after this film).

It is beautifully shot.  The framing of each shot is fantastic, and the underwater footage is very impressive. 
Spielberg does a great job with pacing.  The the way the shark attack scenes build tension is very impressive, and those scenes are totally frightening.

The score is also a huge part of what draws you in, and of course the actual two-note jaws theme is iconic.  It’s just another great
John Williams soundtrack.

The shark still looks very convincing.  The special effects in this film aged well.

This is a fantastic film, and yes, you should definitely see it if you haven’t.  What’re you waiting for?

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