Visited Jimi Hendrix And Bruce Lee's Graves

Jimi And Bruce
"When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do."
Jimi Hendrix
"It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential."
Bruce Lee

In the wake of
Steve Jobs's death, we went to see the grave sites of two other American icons that were taken from the world much too soon. The first of these was in the town of Renton, Washington, a place not far from Seattle. After taking a morning flight in, J and I rented a car and went to Greenwood Memorial Park where the brilliant Jimi Hendrix is buried.

It's about a 15-20 minute drive to the cemetery, but we were able to find the memorial fairly easily when we got there.
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The space is extremely well maintained. The flowers all around the place were in great condition, including the full bouquet that is kept on top of Jimi in the center.
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Along the outside of the structure, on the bottom, there are three decorated stones. One is a big label that says Jimi Hendrix Memorial, one has his signature, and one has a really cool decorated picture of him.
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Inside, there are benches with Jimi's hand written lyrics for "Angel", "Voodoo Child", and "Little Wing" etched into stone.
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Above these benches are tall stone images of Jimi with short excerpts from his song lyrics.
IMG_4904 IMG_4899-1 (dragged)

There is also a granite and brass sundial next to the memorial.
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We were surprised to find that the memorial is not only Jimi's resting place, but it's also a large family plot. There is space for 54 graves at this spot with Jimi's father and a few others occupying a few. (Strangely missing is Jimi's mother Lucille who died when he was just 15.)
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Jimi's original headstone was placed on the center section of the memorial with the inscription "Forever In Our Hearts".
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From here, we drove north from Renton to Seattle's
Lake View Cemetery, where Bruce Lee and his son Brandon are buried. After arriving at the cemetery, it took us quite a while to actually find the spot. Compared to Jimi Hendrix's resting place, Bruce and Brandon Lee's grave site is very modest. It looked like the head stones were well-kept, but they don't necessarily stand out from the rest of the cemetery.
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Bruce's grave has a stone book that reads "Our inspiration continues to guide our personal liberation".
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It was cool that people left flowers and little items, including guitar picks and nunchaku, next to the grave.
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In front of the grave, there's a bench with an inscription from Bruce's wife and daughter.
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These are two men I admire very much and I draw inspiration from. That's saying a lot considering neither were alive in my lifetime. Jimi was an amazing showman and an absolutely phenomenal guitarist and musician. His personality was larger than life. Bruce Lee was brilliant in so many facets. He made his mark in movies, martial arts, bodybuilding, and philosophy. Despite being so influential to so many people in so many ways, he believed in being minimal and modest.

I feel both of these grave sites appropriately reflect the personality and beauty of each of these great men. They changed the world and the world is better because they lived in it.
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