Eaten An Authentic New York Slice

"...But then, in New York, I discovered pizza. It blew my mind wide f---ing open. I would buy ten or twenty slices a day. And then, when I realized you could buy a great big pizza all for yourself, I started ordering them wherever we went."
Ozzy Osbourne talking about food in the 70's

Since 1975,
Joe's Pizza has been offering classic New York style pizza by the slice in the West Village. Located at 7 Carmine Street (at Bleecker Street), it is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. When we went, there were tons of police officers getting slices. It's also open until 4 in the morning.

Based on a recommendation from
Michael DiComo, New York native and Digital Production Supervisor for the movie I am currently working on, this was the spot I had to try my first taste of authentic New York pizza, so we went to Joe's for lunch today. There was a line, but it moved quickly.

I ordered three different slices. The first of these was a plain cheese pizza.
IMG_2255-1 (dragged)

Our second slice was a pepperoni slice.
IMG_2256-1 (dragged)

The third and final slice had sliced mozzerella on it.
IMG_2257-1 (dragged)

These pizzas had a very good crust. It was firm with a crisp but foldable, and it tasted delicious. An appropriately thin layer of tomato sauce lines the dough. Finally, a perfectly thin layer of cheese goes on top. The distribution of the elements was excellent. Even though we enjoyed the other pizzas, I enjoyed the plain cheese slice the most.

Apparently, I'm not the only one that enjoys a slice of Joe's Pizza. There are pictures of celebrities that also eat at Joe's, including
Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew McConaughey, and Owen Wilson.
Pasted Graphic 31

This is a very solid pizza. Definitely come here sometime and pick up a couple slices. It's an authentic New York Pizza, and people really seem to love it here. I recommend it, and I bet we'll be back before we leave the city.

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