Helped Build An Eight Foot LEGO Yoda

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The LEGO Store at Hillsdale Shopping Center is holding an event this weekend to build an eight foot Lego Yoda statue.  When I found out, I instantly put it down on the calendar. 

Since 1999, LEGO has made Star Wars sets and figures.  Over 200
LEGO Star Wars sets have been made as well as a series of video games

When I got to the event, there were tons of people there.  I took a look at what was built so far.  They put a small Yoda on top of the big one they were building.

There were four tables with containers of LEGO bricks and instruction sheets.  The employees were going around periodically and refilling each container.  I went to a table that had brown bricks on it.

The idea was to make bricks that were four bricks in length and four bricks in height.  These larger bricks were the building blocks of the big Yoda.  The instructions are just four steps.
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This was very simple but very fun.  I made two big bricks of each of the three colors: brown, green, and beige.

I put it in a bucket where they keep all the bricks ready for the Master Builder.

The Master Builder (Dan) gave me a high five and then gave me a slip of paper.  I continued to take pictures.
IMG_6133 IMG_6124

Dan took the blocks we all built and placed them on the structure.  I liked that he pounded them in with his fist.

The slip of paper that Dan gave me was a voucher for a certificate of achievement I could get from the store.  When I went in the store to get it, I was the only adult (not accompanying a child) in the line.  When I got to the front of the line, the employee doing the inscriptions asked, “And who’s this for?”  I replied, “Nick.” (not revealing that I’m Nick...)

This was fun.  I would definitely participate in something like this again.  LEGOs are cool, and so is Star Wars.

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