Done A Log Clean And Press

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"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."
Eleanor Roosevelt

This is a common strongman movement I've been looking forward to trying out for quite some time. The log press is a great way to strengthen shoulders, chest, and arms while maintaining a neutral grip, which alleviates shoulder stress.

The log at
San Francisco CrossFit is from Hybrid Athletics and weighs 67 lbs. I messed around with it without weight before I added any weight to it. It felt heavy, but I was confident that I'd be able to lift more. I added 25 lb. bumper plates to it making it 117 lbs.
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The handles for the log are inside and fixed perpendicular to the length of it.
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There is definitely a technique to lifting this. Because it's 10 inches wide in diameter, the weight distribution compared to a regular barbell feels very different. To get the log to the shoulders, I started by lifting it from the ground to my waist and then rested it on my thighs.
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From there, I rolled it up my torso using a quick and violent hip extension. This feels strange at first, but it works.
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That got the log onto my shoulders. Now, I had to press it up. After a short dip, I used my hip extension once again to drive the weight above my head.
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I ended up going up in weight to 137 lbs, which you can see in the video. I was able to lift this 3 or 4 times.

I really enjoyed this exercise and can see how something like this can be translated into everyday, functional movements. One thing that is common to lifting objects to the chest is the snappy hip extension. It makes moving external objects more efficient and heavier objects become much more manageable this way.

I've learned a lot during my short time experimenting with strongman exercises. I have found few functional movements that are as crucial as hip extension. Squatting, jumping, kipping, cleans and snatches all depend on the hip, and working this through strongman movements is a very, very good thing.
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