Ran Up The Lyon Street Steps

The city I live in is famous for its hills, and some of these hills have steps, really steep steps.  A year and a half ago, on our first anniversary, J and I climbed up the Filbert Street Steps on the way to the top of Coit Tower.  Another well known set of steps are the Lyon Street steps, and luckily, for me, they are within walking distance from work.

Located on Lyon and Broadway, the steps are right near
the Presidio.  The first set of steps are steep.

I convinced Jeremiah and Mat to come with me and they started heading up before me.  The first set of steps were steep, and I overheard Mat say he was getting tired after a couple of seconds.

The first set didn’t take me too long, but it leads to a landing with a small courtyard.  It was cool that there was a sign here telling you that you’re still on Lyon Street.

Then there was a second set of steps.  They were as long as the first set but not as steep.  We ran up them as fast as we could.
IMG_1546 IMG_1547

I snapped this photo after I got back down to the bottom again.

I enjoyed this.  It was definitely hard on the legs, and my hamstrings started feeling it a few hours later.  It was not as tough as I was expecting.  On a nice day, I may try a workout where you do three rounds up and down with 10-15 burpees at each level.  That would be a good one.

Here’s a video of the run up.  Enjoy!

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