Gone To A Food Truck Party

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity." --Voltaire

I can't think of a bigger fad right now than food trucks. Taco trucks have been around for a while, but lately, other types of food trucks seem to have popped up everywhere. Every week, a group called Off The Grid organizes food truck gatherings at different locations in the City. Friday nights are done at Fort Mason.

When I got there, I was expecting it to be a little busy, but it was jam-packed and crowded. I walked around and checked out the different trucks they had out there.
IMG_4011 IMG_4012
IMG_4023 IMG_3994
IMG_4001 IMG_4003

I ended up trying food from three different spots. The first was
Curry Up Now, where I got a Chicken Tikka Masala Burrito.

I also got a Maui Fish Taco from
The Taco Guys.

Finally, I got a bacon wrapped hot dog called the Snoop Dog, a tuna sashimi dish called Raw DMC, and a pulled pork sandwich special from
Brass Knuckle.

I would've liked to have gotten more food from a bunch of different trucks, but it was just way too crowded and the lines were just too long. The food was pretty good at all three places, but I doubt I would go back to another one of these events. There were just too many people, and the parking was not fun.

One of the things I liked about food trucks is that I really think the idea of a small business owner trying to make it is part of the American dream. However, when I looked into a truck like Chairman Bao, I found that it was owned by a conglomerate in Los Angeles that owns a bunch of food trucks. To me, this is deceiving, but I think it's the trend, judging from the other trucks at Off The Grid.

I wanted to like this, but I just wasn't too impressed. It's just not worth the hassle. Sorry, food truck fans; it's just not my thing.

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