Made An Online Papercraft

When I decided to do this one, I was pretty excited.  A few years ago, I had seen a papercraft project online that was Portal related.  It was simple, and it was cool.  Since then, I’ve seen tons of papercraft projects ranging from Batman to Gundam to Tron Legacy.  Pretty cool stuff.  I’ve always admired these little projects, but I had never tried to make one.  At first I thought about making something like the Companion Cube from Portal, but then I looked online for some other projects and found this gem: An AT-AT (from Empire Strikes Back) papercraft.

I was very excited.  So, I asked J to print it out for me on card stock.  It comes on 5 pages of cutouts.  It was a lot of cutting.
Pasted Graphic 10

The cutting took forever!  J helped me...  a lot.  It became apparent very quickly that I had bitten off more than I could chew as assembly started much later than I expected.

This was definitely a case of bad planning and underestimating the speed at which I’d be able to complete this project.  J and I ended up staying up very late to get this in a good state.  In the end, here’s what I got:
Pasted Graphic 12

Overall this was a fun project, but it would’ve been much better if I’d planned it on a weekend day.  I think I learned my lesson and will try to allocate more time for projects like this in the future.

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