Gone To A Local Art Gallery Premier

Tonight, I went to the launch of Paperwork SF, a local company based in the Mission that prints artwork by young, emerging artists on “the world’s first eco-friendly fine art paper - a smooth textured, natural white bamboo paper.” I thought this was a cool premise for a company.  There are a lot of sustainability reasons to print on bamboo.

Bamboo requires no fertilizers or insecticides.  It needs very little water to grow, which means it can thrive without depleting water supplies.

Bamboo is biodegradable, renewable, and fast growing.

Moving onto the art, here are a few of my favorites from the gallery.                                
Transition, Cristina Guerreiro

Milk Splash, Chelsea Fisher

Urban Mystery 100, Maria Dimanshtein

The layout of the gallery was very straight forward, but they had a good mix of photos, paintings, drawings, and collages.

There was a raffle for this framed print.

It was a packed house, and people seemed genuinely excited about the artwork.

It seemed like a lot of people that were here were friends of the artists.  The reason I thought that was there were a lot of clusters of people, but not many people were mingling.  Judging by conversation, this was not my typical crowd.

Also, there were drinks but no food, which was a disappointment.  However, the biggest disappointment was that I couldn’t find anywhere in the gallery to buy stuff, and I really wanted to.

It was a nice event, but I think it’s safe to say that it will be a while until my next art gallery premier.  I’ll probably buy a print though.

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