Made Papier-Mâché

"America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men."
Alexander Graham Bell

Tonight, I made papier-mâché, French for “chewed paper”.  Papier-mâché (or paper mache) is material made out of pieces of paper held together with an adhesive, like glue or starch.  Kids make projects out of paper mache all the time, but I never have and I wanted to start working on a pinata.

I started by blowing up a balloon.

I made a paste with flour, water and a bit of salt.

I dipped strips of newspaper in the paste and placed it on the balloon.

I repeated this process until the balloon was covered.

J helped me put a few more layers on top of that.

I left it to dry until the next day.  I removed the balloon and the paper mache kept its shape.  Pretty soon, that paper mache will become a piñata.
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