Worn A Pink Shirt

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"The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail."
Christian Dior

Several years ago, my father in law came back from a lengthy missions trip to China and as a gift he brought back a t-shirt for me. It features a Chinese phrase, a little boy, a little girl and a heart. The two little characters are wearing overalls but their butts are exposed. Also, the shirt is pink (by the way, some men wear pink on Fridays in October to raise breast cancer awareness). I had not worn a pink shirt before, and when I got the shirt, I thought, "I'm never going to wear this."
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I've said this before, but part of the
I've Never Done That project is testing my comfort zone. Wearing this article of clothing that was a gift I never thought I'd wear definitely did just that. At first, I was really self-conscious about walking around with the shirt on, but I definitely felt more bold as the day wore on.

In the morning, we had a crew breakfast and as I was standing in line to get delicious eggs and bacon, I kept wondering if the other crew members were wondering what the heck I was wearing. No one mentioned it, but I definitely got a few looks.

When I was in one office area, I was talking to one of my fellow co-workers and in the middle of our conversation he said, "That is not a Nick Woo t-shirt." I laughed and told him the story of how I came to acquire it.
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Later in the day, another coworker said she really liked my shirt. I'm glad she did because I don't. J said I should've offered to sell it to her.

Most of my day was spent working behind my computer screen, but I definitely felt more aware of my clothing than on most days.
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During lunch, I decided to do a little lifting, and I ended up setting a personal record for my deadlift at 460 pounds. J called it "Pink Power!"
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Overall, I had an enjoyable time in my pink shirt, but not enjoyable enough to wear it again. I'm hoping a few people had fun at my expense, and I think I got a little more comfortable doing something uncomfortable.

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